3 Most Common Foot & Ankle Injuries Athletes Suffer From

November 29, 2018

3 Most Common Foot & Ankle Injuries Athletes Suffer FromDo you know, approx 25% of athletic injuries take place in foot or ankle? The people who take part in sports like running, jumping, football, basketball or other games mostly suffer from this type of injuries. No matter, how many years training they have in games, the injuries just happen and become difficult to avoid. Sometimes, it could be you who lost the balance or could be the circumstances that were not in your favor.

One should always remember that the foot and ankle injuries should be given immediate attention to recover soon. Your ignorance can put you in bigger health issue. Below are some major health injuries you need to prevent yourself.

Ankle Fracture
The ankle fracture is one of the common issues that cause of putting the amount of stress on the ankle bones for example:

  • Overextending or flexing the joint
  • Twisting the ankle in an unnatural angle
  • Rolling the ankle
  • Falling done and putting weight on the ankle (jumping)

It delivers intense pain in the affected areas along with bruising and swelling.

Torn Achilles
The professional athletes often face this typical injury. It happens when the achilles is overused even after worn from repetitive use. Virtually, the player first feels the mild aches up the back or their legs or above the heel, but severe pain occurs after taking part in long distance running. The athletes with Achilles tendinitis, people can even experience the stiffness and tenderness in the back of leg and heel.

Plantar Fasciitis/ Achilles Tendonitis
When you deliver too much stress on the band of tissues, it forms the plantar fascia that supports foot arch. The injury mostly signs by delivering pain in the heel which later results in irritation, swelling and weakening in the plantar fascia. Gradually, the situation turns to become more painful and create difficulties even in standing.

Undoubtedly, this kind of injuries in ankle or foot can affect the nation-athletes. So, when you notice pain in your foot, surrounded area or you are sure about the injury, visit Bramalea Healthcare. We provide effective treatment for heel pain and foot care in Brampton.

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