Easy And Simple 5 Tips Preventing Heel Pain

October 30, 2018

Easy And Simple 5 Tips Preventing Heel PainOne of the common health issues is heel pain often occurs under the heel or sometimes just behind it. Rarely, it can affect the side of the heel. This kind of pain appears due to plantar fasciitis. It can affect the inner or outer side of the heel or foot. The pain never causes by an injury, it just comes & goes and sometimes become chronic.

In case, you don’t consider the treatment of heel pain, it can gradually become an injury. So, here are some tips you can use to get rid of heel pain easily.
Stretch Regularly
For maximum 10 to 15 minutes, stretch out the connective tissues and muscles such as calf muscle and achilles tendon. It is a kind of exercise for the tissues responsible for uncomfortable heel.
Wear Comfortable Footwear
Make sure to wear accurate size footwear. Too loose and tight footwear will affect blood circulation. So, your shoes or whatever you wear should be comfortable and proper fit.

  • Sit on the chair or surface and try to hold out the toe without folding your legs. You can flex or extend the ankle joint. Repeat this for maximum 10 times in a day for each foot.
  • Stand to face the wall and keep your foot with heel pain one step back while keeping your other foot attached with the wall in bend position. Move the hips forward and towards for maximum ten times. If you have pain in both heels then repeat this process by switching your legs one by one.

Maintain Weight
Keeping extra body weight on your foot can also be dangerous. On the other side, jumping directly affect the heels. So, one should reduce the stress on heels.
Warm Up Before Sport Activities
Warming up your feet before engaging with activities like running and jumping can lower the risk of getting heel pain.

Whether you want to prevent or bearing with the initial stage of heel pain, these tips will turn out to be beneficial for you. To get the assistance of professionals in heel pain, you can consult with Bramalea Healthcare. We specialize in serving foot care in Brampton.

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